I chose to present a series of paintings with pregnant women and to express the valorization of women as mothers through painting (as the role of women in the old times was to bring children into this world and raise them), because painting is an expression of classical art, therefore of the classical role of women – that of mothers. Motherhood is presented like a happy choice and a positive state of mind, and the pregnancy is carried through with pride. The woman-mother bears new life in her womb, she ensures continuity; the child she will give birth to is her way of communicating with the world. The shapes, the clothes, the different attitudes are based on the atmosphere in the city where she is, on the way she feels and on external influences. What are the limits between woman and mother? Love, beauty, fragility, round shapes, birth, fertility are all feminine attributes. Why? Because they all describe the sensitivity, esthetics and femininity and the way that the woman carries the pregnancy during those 9 months of continuous transformations, and makes her unique, beautiful than ever.